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Initial Lust
Initial Lust: The Key To Visual Communication Brand Marketing by Angi Egan
Initial Lust: The Key To
Visual Communication & Brand Marketing
by Angi Egan
Initial Lust
Espresso Yourself: The Taste Of Your Brand
Espresso Yourself:
The Taste Of Your Brand
Initial Lust
The Barry White Effect - yeh baby!
The Barry White Effect
- yeh baby!
Romancing the Customer, Client Journey & Brand Specialist, Visual Merchandising to Increase Sales and Motivate Your Team PUREVISION UK

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Romancing the Customer


Traditional branding and marketing strategies build brand awareness yet don’t always translate into sales. Pure Vision UK are responsible for making this translation. Introducing a strategy of Romancing has many benefits for your brand, your team and your customers –

  • it creates massively needed brand differential
  • your team have fun while selling
  • your customers fall in love with your brand

Your customer journey must be seductive, eye-catching and captivating. Whatever the size of the retail sales area the experience needs to be a totally sensory one. This begins with the ‘initial lust’ of visual communication, through to the ‘Barry White effect’ of the auditory messages you create.

Romancing the Customer principles are not only totally sensory – they’re also exciting, compelling and highly profitable.

Our niche area is working with retailers where we use our detailed knowledge of client journey to create successful brand delivery, consistent sales and easy profits

Creating brand differential

Effective retail merchandising improves the sales experience. It helps to make people feel good about buying your brand, communicates how great your products are, and means customers don’t have to work hard in the process. We are all emotionally driven when it comes to sales, and in today’s world of institutionalised imitation the key to sales is creating lasting relationships with customers by Romancing them and getting to know what creates blissful moments.

Strong brands and successful businesses are obsessive about developing strong relationships. Like all great relationships it is all about focusing energy, passion and imagination into creating moments of total delight and absolute pleasure

Iconic brands understand this, and like great lovers, have their customers waiting to discover more, driving them crazy with anticipation and holding them in a spell

Capture the heart and you capture the person

Angi Egan provides a dedicated and unique resource with a relentless commitment to becoming the UK’s leading retail and service excellence coaching company. Our expertise and broad experience has been gained from over 20 years working in the retail business sector where an in-depth knowledge of combining innovative creation with sound commercial benefits has been perfected

Great brands understand it’s no longer the product, its not longer the service – it’s all about the feeling

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