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Holistic Skincare: An essential reference book for Therapists
Holistic Skincare: An essential
reference book for Therapists
Initial Lust
Initial Lust: The Key To Visual Communication Brand Marketing by Angi Egan
Initial Lust: The Key To
Visual Communication & Brand Marketing
by Angi Egan
Initial Lust
Espresso Yourself: The Taste Of Your Brand
Espresso Yourself:
The Taste Of Your Brand
Initial Lust
The Barry White Effect - yeh baby!
The Barry White Effect
- yeh baby!
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An essential reference guide for students, therapists and practitioners who have qualified in either beauty or a holistic discipline, and would like to gain a broader understanding of other areas of holistic skin care in anticipation of their potential for ongoing professional development (studying becomes addictive and it’s difficult to know what to choose!)

Alternatively, it can be used by therapists who prefer to remain ‘specialised’ yet want to have an at-a-glance reference book on holistic skincare and successful homecare sales.

The main objective is to inform, inspire and educate any professional working in the skincare industry. Its proposed format is designed to be supplementary and ‘in a nutshell’ rather than an absolute encyclopaedia to each subject.

This book is unique in that it offers an exclusive focus on the skin from a holistic perspective. It has a chapter on how to successfully retail homecare products, with tailored solutions and practical advice on how to overcome a therapists’ fear of retail. Lastly, it contains a chapter on the principles of visual merchandising, or effective retail presentation – a specialist subject that delivers spectacular results in the salon or spa. Also very topical with the Mary Queen of Shops programme currently being screened by the BBC.

The foreword has been written by Bharti Vyas, a highly respected and experienced holistic beauty therapist for over 25 years.

Book Content

Twelve chapters as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. Skincare product ingredients – the good, the bad and the downright ugly
  3. Nutrition – food groups, individual vitamins & minerals for super skin, antioxidants
  4. Exercise – and glowing skin, different types of exercise, fat loss
  5. Aromatherapy – history, application, quality and top 5 oils for optimum skin health
  6. Reflexology – history, facts about feet, case study, FAQ’s and how it is helpful
  7. Stress – cost to industry, effects, reactions to and coping strategies
  8. Acupressure – what it is, techniques and particular pressure points for the skin
  9. Ayurvedic medicine – history & dosha types
  10. Crystals – how to use and those relating to the skin
  11. Romancing the Customer - retail the when, where & how
  12. Visual Merchandising – principles that send the bottom line through the roof!


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