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Holistic Skincare: An essential reference book for Therapists

Holistic Skincare: An essential
reference book for Therapists
Initial Lust
Initial Lust: The Key To Visual Communication Brand Marketing by Angi Egan
Initial Lust: The Key To
Visual Communication & Brand Marketing
by Angi Egan
Initial Lust
Espresso Yourself: The Taste Of Your Brand
Espresso Yourself:
The Taste Of Your Brand
Initial Lust
The Barry White Effect - yeh baby!
The Barry White Effect
- yeh baby!
Visual Merchandising & Training Specialists, Releasing The Potential

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Romancing Awards – The ultimate service excellence providers!

The Romancing Awards have been designed to recognise those businesses who understand what it means to wow their customers with excellent service, who aim to surprise & delight, provide inspired expertise, and who focus their passion & energy on delivering moments of total bliss.

We also highlight those businesses who like lousy lovers, get things totally wrong, focus on their own needs and pleasures, and generally leave their customers disconnected, dissatisfied and looking for a new relationship.

Heart Stopping  
Heart Warming    
Heart Touching      
Heart Thumping        
Heart Broken          
James Virgin Trains * * * * *
I travel by train often, especially into London and always use Virgin - the connection into Euston is super quick and the trains are clean…….but this is a 'given' as far as I'm concerned. What made my trips into London really 5 hearts last week was meeting James, one of the ticket inspectors.

He was of course polite (another given) but he was also passionate about delivering great service to passengers travelling that morning. It was horribly early and yet he still managed to engage, offer a smile and enquire about ways in which he could help. His attitude towards all his passengers was a joy to observe, even those who had put on their grumpy pants and so ignored his kindly ways.

Couldn't resist asking him what time he started work (3am!) and what made him so proud to 'serve' …….his answer took my breathe away "I know that what I do is important work not only for the safety of travellers, but also for my peace of mind. If I fail to do my job well then the consequences really aren't worth thinking about. Anyway, I just like people …….the friendly ones at least!"

Thank you James! A real example of service excellence if ever there was …….
High Trees Hotel Windermere
OK, picture the scene. Seated for dinner and the wine you request is not available. Shucks huh, but not at High Trees …….the waiter explains he will be approximately 15 minutes but he will return. 12 minutes later he reappears - holding the wine! He had jumped in his car, driven to the nearest off license (about 9 mile round trip) and bought the wine - all in the name of guest satisfaction …..and then some! I discovered they are charged with doing whatever it takes to make the guest feel welcome and valued. Guess how many people I've told this to - book at High Trees Hotel and experience it for yourself.
Loch Fyne restaurants

These guys have it nailed! Service appears to be the mantra for this restaurant chain – I visit Loch Fyne restaurants where ever I see one, the food is always divine and their waiters are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and attentive. Denise in Knowle deserves special mention as someone who focuses her energy & passion on building strong relationships with her clients (and her smile lights up the room!). Emma in Cowbridge is another who knows how to ‘take my breath away'. Unusually for Loch Fyne, there was a problem my dining partner's meal. This was noticed by Emma before any complaint was made (refreshing huh) and immediately put right. Emma handled things brilliantly, asking how we would like them to resolve things, explaining that they felt they had lost a little of our trust, asking how could they win this back, then finally explaining briefly what steps they were going to take to prevent this happening again. Genius! We left feeling like we were the most important clients dining that lunchtime (they had about 80 covers when we visited). I have yet to visit Loch Fyne and not be blown away with their service.

Obsession West Midlands  
When it comes to luxury, pampering and feeling like a million $ then this is the place to go. Whether it's a treat or your regular hair cut, facial or massage these guys know how to make me feel like a total princess. Therapist Holly may be 'slight of frame' but she knows how to massage. I just love the whole ambiance, attention to detail and the fact that they know my name and treat me like I'm there every week - I wish! And they send wonderful cards to their clients - yey
Jo Malone  

You just gotta love Jo Malone! The layout is consistently sparkling, easy to navigate and inviting – I just can't resist their fragrance combining – such an innovative and clever idea. Even better when you get to ‘play' with a passionate, knowledgeable associate whose enthusiasm and genuine delight for the product fuelled my own curiosity. Saira in Selfridges Birmingham is like a breath of fresh air – what she didn't understand about their fragrances simply isn't worth mentioning. Her genuine excitement at showing me the different combinations was such a contrast to the jaded disinterest I experienced in other department stores (see broken hearted) I received a complimentary arm & hand massage and was invited back to Jo Malone whenever I fancied a ‘chill'. It is worth mentioning that my visit coincided with the day the air-con was broken – the store was hot, humid & uncomfortable, something every other sales associate moaned except Saira – it just didn't affect anyone in the world of Jo Malone!


Like most women I love all things colour and make-up. Combine this with people who love their products and have a passion for helping you look gorgeous and you have entered the world of NARS. I have visited countless stores and make up specialists but few have the unique blend of professionalism and friendliness consistently demonstrated by these guys. Special mention has to be made for their best selling blusher, with a name like Orgasm …… how could a girl resist!?! Guaranteed to have us in fits of giggles every time.

SpecSavers Solihull    
If you wear contact lens you gotta see Richard Elwell - he's the main man! As a short-sighted girlio I have struggled for years to get a lens that allows me to read as well as drive without crashing. Apparently I have astigmatism, which personally I think adds to my female mysteekery, but nevertheless presents challenges when finding the right strength lens. Richard used his professional knowledge to determine what was going to sort this challenge, and hey presto! Sorted. Boy, I should have met him years ago, I could have saved myself years of squinting and reduced my wrinkles!

5 Hearts? Post 'lost' lenses to me in the same way as they do quartley replacement packs - although always good to visit and receive their warm welcome.
Radisson SAS Birmingham    
This is one of the tallest buildings in Birmingham, has 46 different nationalities among their hotel team, and is one of my favourite hotels. Their attitude of 'yes I can' is demonstrated throughout, and if things do go wrong, as they occasionally do, they never go into battle, they simply want to understand how they can put things right and how they can avoid ever repeating the same mistake. Paul in sales and Toni in Filini restaurant are the best, and the Yes I Can message is kept alive by their fabulous GM Kathrine - who is as tall as I am - always a joy!

5 Hearts? Easy …..consistency reigns.
Harvey Nichols - Birmingham        

I was on a mission and these guys missed out (guessing they're on commission) I knew exactly what I was looking for but simply couldn't find anyone who was interested in serving me! Every single counter was occupied by pairs of sales associates engrossed in their own conversations. I was an unwelcome interruption to be eliminated as swiftly as possible it seemed. Talk about focusing on your own pleasure ……..

The Boot Makers restaurant – Birmingham        

If the aim of a restaurant is to play the role of a party hostess, helping their guests feel welcome, then this is a party I would avoid! We were ignored, taken for granted, overcharged and left feeling resentful & unsatisfied. The owner was so self-absorbed it was no surprise this attitude surfaced with everything we encountered – the bar staff, the waiters, the menu (Gordon Ramsey would have had a field day with the pretension) the décor. Rarely have I visited a restaurant where I left feeling they were doing me a favour by allowing me to eat there. Clumsy fumbling …..and then some!



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