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Holistic Skincare: An essential reference book for Therapists

Initial Lust
Initial Lust: The Key To Visual Communication Brand Marketing by Angi Egan
Initial Lust: The Key To
Visual Communication & Brand Marketing
by Angi Egan
Initial Lust
Espresso Yourself: The Taste Of Your Brand
Espresso Yourself:
The Taste Of Your Brand
Initial Lust
The Barry White Effect - yeh baby!
The Barry White Effect
- yeh baby!
Professional Speaker


"Confident, entertaining & full of inspiration" Mike Pagan Breaking Frontiers
"I felt Angi was talking just to me. Really easy to listen to and focused on the audience" Karon Heap Police Officer
"I've seen her speak many times and always feel energised and leave with ideas to action" International FHT member
"Fresh, new and full of commonsense" Angela Devonside Practitioner

“Having had the pleasure of working for, with and in partnership with Angi we can say she is extremely professional to do business with. Angi is an inspiring coach for business professionals looking to connect with their audiences and deliver messages with impact. We have worked collaboratively several times and she has a wonderful way of empowering while challenging individuals to be outstanding communicators. When you book Angi, your reputation is safe, she always delivers... I stake my reputation on it!” November 13, 2010

Brad Parkes
Owner, Coach Class Ltd

“Angi is simply a delight on stage and utterly professional off stage. She tunes into the audience and engages them with a light hearted style backed with deep expertise in her subject. Angi will challenge your assumptions about how you are relating to your customers and offers some gold nuggets on how to do it better. There is fun in the presentation and value in her message.” October 8, 2010

John Cremer
Speaker, Professional Speakers Association

“Angi is a breath of fresh air who has the abillity to cut through the myriad of marketing fluff to really advise how to romance a customer at all stages of the sales process - a true professional!” October 5, 2010

Peter Roper
President PSA 2010, Professional Speakers Association

“Angi is a consumate professional; she really understands what the customer is looking for, the necessity for delivering what is promised and adding value to the delegates. Romancing the customer is Angi's brand and she follows her own rules in everything she does.”October 3, 2010

Mike Pagan

“Angie is insightful, customer focussed and knows how to get the best out of people.”October 3, 2010

James McIntosh
Owner, Whisk Ltd

“I first met Angi when she spoke at a Ladies networking event. She has a great depth of knowledge of her subject and her personality shines through in everything she does. We have become friends over the last few years and she is a delight to spend time with, both professionally and personally - anyone looking to work woth her is in for a real treat and lasting benefit, cant praise her highly enough.” September 29, 2010

Roni Flatley
Owner, Feel Good For Life

“I have heard Angie speak on many occasions and she never ceases to inspire. Her talks are fun, energetic and sincere. She has a great passion for her subject and is an absolute expert. Angie has the ability to use the English Language to draw her audience to her, wanting to hear more. She has the uncanny ability to turn anyone or anything into the most interesting and inspiring discussion whether it be in the spoken word or written. 

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Angie's work.” September 28, 2010

Yvonne Bleakley

“In a world of dull and dry business advice and books, Angi shines through. Her passion and commitment towards a project is second to none and her talks are packed with sparkling wit and brilliant expertise. 

It was a pleasure working with Angi on her fabulous ‘Romancing the Customer’ book series; there is nothing like it on the book market – and no one quite like Angi either! I urge anyone who is looking for inspiration and fun along with professional, dedicated business advice to pick up the phone to Angi and also to pick up her books!” September 28, 2010

Ceri Gautama
Publicity & Marketing Executive, The HotHive

“Angi, you have a fantastic way with words that ignite my thoughts and cultivate my confidence. You’re so generous with your knowledge and experience and never think twice about sharing this amongst friends and colleagues. Thank you so much for crafting my initial editorial pieces which have spread across the country throughout numerous publications and for inspiring us all at Wicked Women; I’ll do you proud with my inaugural public speech!” September 27, 2010

Dawn Watts

“Angi is a business professional with great charm and inciteful knowledge that takes the improbable and makes it possible. These coaching skills are ably demonstrated through the manner of her presentation and her wonderful books. 
Thinking outside the box is a skill, transferring it to action is a gift.” September 25, 2010

Malcolm Gibbs
Director, Q&A Management Services Ltd.

“Angi is like the Cilla Black of customer service - she'll make you and your customers fall in love all over again. 
Prolific writer and sayer of wise things, you'd be hard pressed to find any better than Angi Egan.” September 24, 2010

Kathryn Lennon-Johnson
Owner, Tangerine Trees Business Consultancy

“I have worked with Angi a few times over the years and find she always brings innovation and creativity into the mix for our company. Angi has a great energy and has been great fun to work with. Angi always brings an interesting and new perspective into our company and always works with great integrity and professionalism.” September 24, 2010

Sarah North

“I have heard Angi talk on a number of occasions recently and she has never failed to open my eyes to a different way of dealing with a situation. She has a calm sincerity about her that helps you to realise a far better way of achieving your aims in business (and personally). She shows you how to ensure that you both win which is what makes the world go round!” September 23, 2010

Rona Cant
Motivational Speaker, Adventurer & Explorer, Rona Cant

“Angi is a highly professional lady, with heaps of energy and positivity. She is a great speaker and has the ability to inspire an audience with her innovative ideas and natural humour. She is a pleasure to know. - Lesley Everett” September 23, 2010

Lesley Everett
Professional Speaker and Executive Brand Coach, Walking TALL International Limited

“Angi is an inspiration to work with. Angi Egan is best in her field, and as such is highly sought after and commands respect and it is always an honor to work with someone of such high standing. Angi is a successful author having published several booking which have been received well. Only hire Angi Egan if you are after the best in the field.”September 22, 2010

Rob Abdul
No1 Ecommerce expert in Google Search

“Angi is one of the most warmhearted and professional people I know. She speaks with a passion, works wonderfully with any audience and also on a one to one. She's Lovely..!”September 22, 2010

Nigel Vardy
Member, PSA

“I have known Angi for the past two years as a fellow member of the Midlands Chapter of the Professional Speaking Association. Angi has been our President and does a superb job of arranging and leading these meetings. I have always been impressed by her warm, natural and engaging style as a speaker, and her excellent ability to use and respond well to humour. She is one of those delightful people in whose presence you feel good about yourself and life in general! From my experience of Angi, I don't have any doubt she is the consummate professional who would be a joy to work with!” September 22, 2010

Peter Milligan
Founder, New Generation Leaders

“Angi is a breath of fresh air - the corporate equivalent of Viagra rather than Valium - once you are up, you stay up, so to speak. 
She is stimulating, engaging and enthusiastic. Her glass is not half full - it is overflowing and she is contagious. You come away from meeting her with a smile on your face and fire in your belly.” September 21, 2010

John Wilson
Owner, Free Range Heads

“If you are a retailer the one thing you need is for your customers to fall in love with you, thereby ensuring they don't visit any other shops. You need to romance your customer, in Angi's words. She explains this much more clearly than I can and she does it in such a way that you fall in love with her way of doing it. She will have "romanced you" no doubt...! In fact you cannot help but simply love Angi's clarity, the simplicity of her message and her ability to help you improve your business by ensuring you provide brilliant customer relationships. Angi is hugely supportive of everyone she works with, is an excellent communicator and is extremely knowledgeable about her subject. If you want your customers to fall in love with you, then you need to fall in love with Angi....!” September 21, 2010

Graham Jones
Internet Psychologist,

“Angi is a Pure delight! Her books are extremely handy, readable and have useful snippets of information for anyone in business, large or small. Angi has a wonderful mix of being a girlie girl but with a strong backbone which is both very endearing and powerful. Her ideas on 'romancing the customer' are second to none. She is a wonderful speaker and has the gift of making you feel that she is talking directly to you as she makes her suggestions very much in the 'me too' category which can help your personal relationships and business thrive. I would have no hesitation in recommending Angi for an audience as their Vision would grow as a result.” September 21, 2010

Elaine Hanzak
rofessional speaker and author on maternal mental health,

“Angi is an inspirational person with a fantastic ability to understand just what is required and then be able to express that in either the spoken or written word to capture the hearts and minds of her audience whether they be captains of industry or front line troops. Her "Romancing the Customer" theme captures the essence of what great customer service is all about and, if followed, can transform your business. In my work with Angi I have seen time and again the positive impact that she has on the businesses she works with and thoroughly recommend her.” September 21, 2010

Martin Dobbs
Business Coach, Ology Business Coaching

“Angi really knows her stuff when it comes to customer ethos, something beyond simply customer service, even better she knows how to share this with those she works with so that they can get it too.” September 21, 2010

Gil Vasey

“I was fortunate to hear one of Angi's keynote speeches on Romancing the Customer and was very impressed with her views on Customer Service. After reading a number of her books I hired her as a speaker on one of our club training days where she received rave reviews. Call her, meet her, hire her and then let her transform your sales team !!”September 21, 2010

Gary Simpson

“Angi is impressive in so many ways. We share so much synergy in terms of our thinking that it scares me! Angi is much more eloquent than I, though and manages to clearly see the parallels between fantastic customer care, and our personal relationships. 
She oozes elegance in everything she does, says and writes. 
For anyone who really doesn't get it and thinks that we mean that you should flirt to get business, turn around now, for those who are willing to take this fabulous woman more seriously, try her books! I love the fact that they are man-bag size, or handbag size, and it means you can read a couple of short poignant points whilst waiting for your client, or in a queue. 
I KNOW that we are going to do something together, and that is the biggest fattest endorsement I could give! Love ya, Angi! xxx” September 21, 2010

Michelle Mills-Porter
Award-Winning "Business Development Specialist", coach and trainer,Ethos Development Ltd

“If you are in business, Angi's Romancing the Customer trilogy are an essential read for both customer facing businesses and B2Bs such as my company,retail spa. They are inspiring ,memorable books with an innovative mix of humour and business. In short they have had a huge influence on how I communicate and work on a daily basis. 
Angi is also an extremely charismatic speaker and highly skilled in engaging the audience with her message of love ! Go see to experience !” September 21, 2010

Tony Scott
Managing Director, Retail Spa Ltd

“I heard Angi talk about her take on customer care in her own totally unique fashion. 
She amused and inspired the audience of hard nosed professionals, and left the room wanting more. 
I can wait to hear her speak again 

Mike Ogilvie” September 21, 2010

Mike Ogilvie
Board Member, Professional Speakers Association

“I Saw Angi talk at St Pauls Club in Birmingham. She has a unique and interesting way of comparing the affairs of the heart with the affairs of business. An engaging speaker who kept my attention with some simple but effective insights. 
I would happily recommend others to hear her speak.” June 13, 2010


Mo Harford

“I always enjoy hearing Angi speak and had this pleasure on 8th June when we were both giving presentation at St Paul's Club Birmingham. 

Angi is a very engaging speaker who presents with passion, humor and a mischievous streak. She clearly knows her subject but much more importantly is able to impart her knowledge in a down to earth, jargon free way. She talks common sense and leaves you not just inspired to take action but with the information and tools to do so. 

If you are looking for an entertaining speaker who can help you make a difference in your company, especially in retail, then book Angi.” June 11, 2010

phil chambers
Owner, Learning Technologies Ltd

“Having watched Angi present a few times now I always learn something new each time. She shows us how to improve our brand and keep our customers really sweet by using the great analogy of romance and dating. This is not only very relevant but humorous and memorable. I would not hesitate to recommend Angi to visit your company and made an instant impact on your customer satisfaction.” June 9, 2010

Philip Millard
Director, BlueStorm Development

“Angi helped my whole team get to understand the psyche of superb customer service. Supportive and understanding of blocks along the learning route, she lifted the game for everyone at the practice. If you really want to know the low down on soft skills Angi is your lady” May 4, 2010

Gil Vasey

“I saw Angi keynoting in London recently. Wow! She manages to combine the concept of 'romancing customers' with some red hot tips that apply to any organisation. On top of all that value the audience loved it.” May 3, 2010

Tim Kidson
Partner, Tim Kidson & Associates

“Angi is committed to whatever she turns her focus on. If it speaking, or supporting, consulting or just being a nice person? 
Angi goes the extra mile. She has worked for me in high schools working with some challenging young adults who she has helped and mentored in ways that have helped them to realise that they can achieve more in life. 
She is a diamond ! 
............. a slightly crazy diamond. 
But a diamond none the less.” August 4, 2009


“I have looked Angi up on Linked In to rave about her book, Initial Lust. 

This book is PACKED with gems - from how to ensure the office gives the right impact to clients, to getting your website to do what it's meant to do - look attractive to CLIENTS, not you! 

It is books like this, and Angi's expertise that allows us to say "Recession? What recession?". 

I recommend everyone get hold of a copy of Initial Lust - well worth it! 

Christopher Hunter BA (Hons) 
Senior Consultant 
Independent Financial Adviser at AFH Wealth Management” August 2, 2009

Christopher Hunter BA (Hons)



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